Are you an independent business technology dealer looking to collaborate with other peer companies about changes, challenges and successes in our industry?

BPCA member companies have access to many benefits including participation in best practices annual meeting, informative and instructional vendor sponsored events, and access to a large independent network of like-minded dealers across North America.   BPCA members enjoy the benefits of belonging to an organization small enough to be personal, yet strong enough to build an environment of knowledge and foster the exchange of ideas.

Discover some of the benefits of membership:

Fall Dealer Owner Meeting

The fall meeting, exclusively for Dealer Owners and their spouses, is sponsored by a variety of vendors. Half the fall meeting is devoted to business, while the other half allows members and their spouses to enjoy the resort facilities and entertainment provided by the sponsors. Dealer Owners may also participate in conference calls scheduled throughout the year on topics of interest. More experienced members share best practices and answer questions and concerns of other Dealer Owners.

Spring Best Practices Meeting

The annual spring meeting consists of a 100 percent business agenda. Dealer Owners and their sales and service executives are invited to participate in a three-day best practices program. Some meetings and breakout sessions are offered on subjects that affect the entire business, while others are specifically tailored to the different management groups. Outside speakers are invited to present on subjects that deal specifically with their area of expertise.

Financial Benchmarks

The annual BPCA financial survey provides a unique opportunity to compare your company’s financials to other BPCA Dealers and the Industry Model and Benchmarks. Members input their revenues, cost, and expenses, and from this data the survey computes detailed information about your company.

Strategic Business Associates presents the Survey Results during an annual meeting and each participating dealer receives the Survey Results Report. The financial benchmarks report contains the results of all BPCA members, medians by revenue size groups, and an overall BPCA median. Current strategies and opportunities are presented in an Executive Summary, which also includes information pertaining to the state of the Industry and the BPCA.


The BPCA brings together dealers from across the country and encourages open dialogue and the sharing of ideas and best practices. Members become resources to one another and call on each other to discuss business challenges, concerns, and opportunities. The relationship with other members is an invaluable benefit of BPCA membership.

To learn more about membership benefits, contact the BPCA.

To apply for membership, fill out the online membership application.