About Us

The Business Products Council Association, or BPCA is a peer group of independent business technology dealers from across the U.S. representing the industry's leading manufacturers. Our dealers are dedicated to enhancing their businesses along with those of their clients.

The BPCA’s history of excellence incorporated in 1967 when more than two dozen independently owned 3M Company copier and micrographics dealers across the U.S. met in Salt Lake City, Utah to discuss 3M’s first dealer contract.  After this group met its original objective of defining contractual terms, members continued to meet and communicate with each other about business challenges and successes.

Over the years, the BPCA has evolved to include many more members and a broader spectrum of business technologies.  Today, our dealers specialize not only in the copier/office equipment, but in document imaging and workflow solutions, print management, managed network services, and many other products and services companies need to succeed in today’s dynamically changing business environment.

BPCA members meet twice a year to facilitate the exchange of ideas, benchmarks, knowledge, and business strategies that allow us to improve our individual businesses year after year. Through this collaboration and sharing of best practices, as well as presentations by leading industry analysts, consultants and marketing experts, our member’s businesses continue to experience growth in size and revenue.

The BPCA has established an environment for its members in which the sharing of ideas and concepts is possible without conflicts of interest.  Our organization operates with geographic exclusivity, allowing members to openly discuss sales strategies, organizational structure, business practices, and execution methods.

For membership inquiries or information about the BPCA, please contact us.